Tea Light Candle Holders

Memorial Tea Light Candle Holders Personalized

Memorial tea light candle holders are small containers made from glass, resin, wood or stone with an indentation especially made to house a small tea light candle. Tea light candles can be made of wax or an LED. This type of candle is the smallest you can get but many people enjoy them for a short burning time or simply because of the convenient size. The candle is refillable once used and is easily obtainable from any store. Tea light candles are a favorite choice by many due to their small, convenient sizing.

The Funeral Program Site is proud to present custom tea light holders in our memorial candles collection. Use this as a sweet little token to light a memory personalized with your 2-3 lines of text along with the presented artwork. A perfect little memorial gift or to give as a form of gratitude. The tea light holder offers a colorful artwork on the front and back and is present in a 4 side square shape. It measures approximately 3" high x 1.5" wide and includes 1 tea light wax candle ready to light. Refillable.