Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Posted by Admin on Apr 7th 2019

Outdoor memorials are a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one’s life. There are many types of outdoor memorials available at The Funeral Program Site that can be used in any small garden, gravesite or outdoor setting. Memorial wind chimes are just one example of a decoration that can be placed outside which captures a memory at the sound of its chimes.

Our memorial chimes are unique and produce a truly melodic sound. It is a relaxing and peaceful sound which can instantly put your spirit in a calming mindset. Not all chimes are as perfectly tuned as our silhouette designs, they are quality made with each aluminum pipe tuned by hand. They are also made in the U.S.A. by an expert craftsman we had the privilege of meeting.

The chimes are ready to hang in any outdoor living space or garden area. I personally, have mine hung up in my backyard where it is most likely to catch the wind. We recommend you hang it at a higher than human placement.

If you want to hear the tunes while inside the house, place them outside near a window or door. Otherwise, you can place them in a nice centerpiece display outdoors in gazebo, overhang, or patio. It is okay to place them in direct sunlight or a non-covered area, if desired.

A gift that can be given any time of the year!Many believe that hearing the tone of the chimes means a loved one is close by. That can provide real comfort to a grieving family or spouse which is why so many purchase wind chimes to adorn a garden in their own backyard.

Our special video presentation below provides you with a sampling of our silhouette memorial wind chimes. Here you can see live examples of our product with personalization. We feel its important for you to see a live video on what you will be receiving or sending so we work hard at creating these visual presentations for your viewing. More great videos to view on our  YouTube Channel, subscribe and get notified first on our newest products and templates!

Sometimes there are no words to express your sympathy and people often purchase in loving memory gifts as a way to express your care and concern for the loss. It is love in action. When you feel you want to display your concern and thoughts, sending an “I’m sorry for your loss” gift may be just the ticket!

We can ship directly to your address or the bereaved friend’s house. You can optionally add a gift card with your purchase with words of affection written.

Every time a breeze brushes through, you will hear the angelic tone of our chimes. One can say that when the wind blows know that I am near for a great memorial for a recently departed loved one.

Select from a variety of silhouette shapes. We offer unique shapes presented with an angel, butterfly, cat, ladybug, frog, turtle, hummingbird, fairy, and dragonfly. Choose the shape that best fits the personality, hobby, or if you do not know, you can select one that will be a comfort to the family such as the angel silhouette shape.

They are powdered coated in a black finish over the sturdy aluminum metal base for a truly long lasting keepsake product. The black color is matte and is reminiscent of a silhouette.

You can personalize up to 3 lines of text in the circular wind catcher which hangs at the bottom of the melodic pipes. Your engraved message will be done on both front and back so when it sways against the wind, it will be shown whichever side it is showing.

Our popular chime engraving reveals the silver aluminum base finish for a clean and professional presentation! Give the gift that keeps on giving to the heart with the custom text it is sure to be a cherished treasure.

No one can resist seeing their loved one’s name in print or personalized onto an everyday item. Consider sending a chime instead of flowers which will fade and wither in a very short timeframe.

Chime memorials such as these are forever. You can even give them to your children’s children for generations to come!Get yours today, only available at The Funeral Program Site.