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Digital Photo Restoration and Enhancement Services

The Funeral Program Site offers professional digital photo enhancements that is expertly crafted, even you won't be able to tell the difference! We can restore old photographs, enhance them, and replace the backgrounds to something more suitable for framing or to coordinate with your funeral program design. Here are some examples of our work and the dramatic changes that can be done with your loved one's photograph. We can take your photograph and make it a special studio finish portrait. 

All digital background changes and photo restoration or enhancements range in pricing depending on how extensive the enhancement is and completed within an hour! We will email you the completed portrait for you to print yourself or take it anywhere to get printed. Order here or Calll 1-800-773-9026 to place your order! 

Examples of our work:

The subject was originally in this group picture and the family wanted him to be placed in a single photo shot.

AFTER: This photograph highlights the
subject and places him in front of a coordinating canvas background.

BEFORE: The subject in this photo is sitting in a chair with a dull background. To enhance his photo, we needed to change out the background.

AFTER: Here is the subject set against a coordinating canvas background which really enhances him in the photo. Eyes were lightened.
BEFORE: Although the three kids in this photo are nice against the sky background, it doesn't make the photo suitable for framing.
Here the kids are set against a contemporary background that looks like they posed in a professional studio.

A casual group photo set outside which the family wanted to set apart the mother and son.

Mother and son are set in front
of a canvas background highlighting the bond.

A very casual photo taken outdoors of the subject gardening
which the family wanted to use for a memorial photo display.

Photo was cropped with the subject taken from outdoor to indoor
against a canvas backgroundsuitable for framing at any memorial service.