Plantable Bookmarks

Plantable Memorial Bookmarks For An Eco Friendly Memorial

images.jpgA plantable memorial bookmark is made up of recycled paper with seed paper cut in the form of a specific shape and lightly adhered to the top of the recycled paper bookmark. The seed paper shape is removed and planted which blossoms into wildflowers! An eco friendly alternative that makes a great memorial year after year and ready for distribution to your guests or immediate family member.

The Funeral Program Site offers plantable memorial bookmarks with many different seed paper shapes ready for planting! Plant a memorial in someone's honor with our variety of plantable paper shapes on our special bookmarks. Distributing at any service or add inside thank you cards. Easy to grow, wildflowers blossoms indoors or out, year after year. Up to 3 lines of text on the front and your choice of poem or prayer on the back side. Remove shapes and plant while still preserving the bookmark for use. Minimum order 8.

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