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Ready Made Template ~ No Creative Skills Necessary

templates.for.funeral.programs.jpgDownload, edit and print is the phrase that summarizes what easy to use funeral templates are all about. Funeral templates are ready made files that are performed and designed for you so you just have to replace the filler text and type in your own information. It is a digital downloaded file that is in a Word, Publisher or Apple Pages layout. Templates are used so you don’t have to recreate the wheel and are meant as a tool to speed up the creation process of a printed memorial. They provide a jump start to the project of creating bookmarks, memorial cards, and programs. You do not have to possess any design skills since all the creative work has already been done for you. 

Program Style Templates

There are template files for funeral program which come in a various different types of layouts. There are various kinds programs and each is provided in their own formatting. For example, there are center fold programs presented in three sizes, such as letter, legal and tabloid. There are graduated style funeral templates presented in a 4 sided or 8 sided layout and trifold brochures. Typically center fold booklet templates are formatted as an 8-sided program which is sufficient for most families. However, if you need to add more pages, you can easily do so by duplicating one of the inside pages until you reach the number of pages desired. The beauty of center fold programs is that you can add pages as you need them. There are pros and cons to each style of template so be sure to identify which one you would like to create prior to purchasing and downloading any template.

Prior To Purchase

Here are a few questions to ask yourself prior to any purchase:

  1. How much text and photos do I have?
  2. What style of layout do I want to create?
  3. Am I able to add more pages if I need to?
  4. Do I have enough time to get it printed locally?
  5. Where do I want to get it printed?
  6. What theme do I want to have?
  7. Do I have the software installed on my computer to edit the template?
  8. Is there support for the template after I download?

Once you've determined and considered these questions, you can shop at a company that specializes in producing funeral templates such as The Funeral Program Site. The DIY or do-it-yourself templates come in a large array of background themes. Because of the large selection, its best to narrow down your choices with your desired style and theme. This will same time in your selection process so you can begin editing.

Select The Editing Software

Choose a template to edit in the software you feel most comfortable using. In this way, you won't have to learn as you go and you can concentrate on completing it with software you already know. If you are working on a Windows computer, Publisher is the most user friendly for that platform. If your using a MAC computer, Apple Pages is the most efficient software that work beautifully with MACs, since Apple is the author of the software. Adding pages with either of these is a breeze. Working in Microsoft Word can be done on either computer but it is not as user friendly when it comes to graphical work. It is a widely used word processing software and almost all computer have it installed but if you have never used it or do not feel comfortable navigating around in it, try Publisher instead. Word versions vary and so do some of the ways you perform certain procedures. 

Here is a breakdown of each template format and the benefits:


Pros: This software works on both MAC and Windows computers and installed on virtually all of them. This means if you take the .doc file to any printer, it will not be a problem for them to open the file. You'll find plenty of resources online for tutorials in addition to those on our website. Editing text is straight-forward.

Cons: Although WORD doesn't make each version exactly the same, it does vary as far as procedures for each version on Windows and MAC. We've created videos for each version but its sometimes hard to catch up! Word basically originated as a word processing software so the graphics part of things may get a little clunky if you want to embellish our templates with more clipart, photos or add pages. 


Pros: This is Microsoft's easy graphics program that will give you an easier way to be creative in your document. Adding pages is easy done within a one-step procedure. Booklets are easy to create and offers template choices for various different sizes you wish to create. This is a good investment if you will be doing many funeral programs. We recommend this software as the best choice for those who create funeral programs often as a side business or funeral home establishment.

Cons: Not all computers have this pre-installed. You will need to purchase it and install it to your computer. Only runs on Windows computers.


Pros: Made by Apple and works seamlessly on MAC computers. Integration with iPhoto library and is intuitive. You can create lovely graphic projects as well as text documents using this software which is relatively inexpensive (last we checked is approximately $20). it can be installed on your MAC desktop, iPad or iPhone. We highly recommend using Pages as your software of choice when working on a MAC computer to create or edit funeral programs. Easily exports to WORD and PDF files. A gem of a software!

Cons: A slight learning curve (but don't worry our support team can assist you enough to get you through completing any of our PAGES template). 


Pros: Very easy to edit, truly no technical skills needed here. If you can retype text, this is for you! Already in a "print-ready" format so you do not need to export to a PDF file before taking to a local printer. Printers do prefer a PDF file when accepting any documents for print. Nothing shifts, alignment is perfectly in tune, fonts remain in tact!

Cons: Restrictive in moving text boxes and photo boxes around. Our templates text, photo boxes and background design are fixed. You can't add pages or move any of the elements around.

Because each computer is configured different running different operating systems, issues may arise even when using a template. A template does not mean stress free, computers all vary in what is installed on them so sometimes, issues may come up that may not be on another computer. If you do run into problems or questions, be sure whoever you purchase it from will provide you immediate support. If they do not, move on to another company that will provide you support through various means such as a Q&A Knowledge Base, support by phone, and email. This will ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing something that you think will save you time and does not. The Funeral Program Site is a company that backs up all the template purchases with live customer support. They are a professional company that operates under a brick and mortar store front located in Texas.