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I am standing on this road, trying to make a step. 
But this road is so dark and rocky.
Jesus said, "If I make one step, he'll make two." 
But old Satan said,
"I was going to walk all by myself."
I've already been trying. 
I just got to make it to heaven 
because there is a storm coming. 
Grace shall be my guide
and mercy shall be my light.
But I got to go on because Jesus is over there. 
There is no more trouble.  There is peace and love. 
I've already had my white robe on. 
I just got to make it to heaven

Written by Ruby D. Brown
(Posted by Permission)

The Morning Light

The setting sun cast it shadows,
Darkness covers the earth’s face,
And we mortals glimpse a token,
Speaking of the mysteries of grace.

Though life is shrouded in mystery,
As purpose is withheld from sight,
Yet soon all shadows of mystery
Will vanish in the morning light.
–Roger Lee, by permission

The Morning Glory

The morning glory folds it petals,
At the close of the long day,
To open wide in its earthly glory,
At the bidding of the morning ray.

So we to must fold our earthly tent,
While the purpose is still unknown,
But the mysteries will soon unfurl
In the light of eternity’s fair dawn.
–Roger Lee, by permission

God’s Presence Is Neigh You

I behold God raising the morning sun,
And painting the sky a beautiful hue,
Yet I see Him opening a morning glory,
As if He had nothing else to do.

For though He is the Sovereign God,
Who reigns from His throne on high,
Yet He numbers the hairs of your head,
And His divine presence is nigh.
–Roger Lee, by permission

God’s Message

I see the hand of Almighty God,
As the sun slowly sinks in the west,
And I see His hand as the moon rises,
With its beautiful silver crest.

I too see His handiwork so grand,
As the great waves roll at the sea,
And there I grasp the message,
That my Heavenly Father loves me.
–Roger Lee, by permission

In The Shadows of Sunset

Life is but one sunrise in eternity,
But one glimmer in the morning light,
Life is but one flake of falling snow,
But one star vanishing in the night.

So let us labor for The Master above,
To bring loss sheep into His fold,
For in the shadows of life’s sunset,
There is no glitter in earth’s gold.
–Roger Lee, by permission

His Kindness

I see His loving kindness
In the morning sun light,
And as a new born puppy
Receives his first sight.

I hear His sweet whisper
In music's melodious sound,
And as Christians sweetly sing,
"Once lost, but now I'm found"
–Roger Lee, by permission

The Wonder of Nature

I marvel at the wonder of nature,
There I see the glory of God’s hand,
I behold His majesty in the sky,
As I peer upon the starry strand.

Then I remember I am but mere dust,
And my life is but a twinkle of time,
Yet He crowned my life with a purpose,
That’s known only to His will sublime.
–Roger Lee, by permission

I See God in Nature

I see God’s glory in the sun set,
Sending hope of morning light,
I see stars shining their brightest
In the darkest seasons of night.

There we see God’s message,
Quietly displayed above,
Bespeaking in nature’s grandeur,
Of the power of His love.
–Roger Lee, by permission

I Feel His Presence Near

I gaze upon the beauty of the morning,
As the golden moon fades from sight,
And as the little morning glory,
Opens in the splendor of dawn’s light.

And I know He Who guides the heavens,
Rules upon this Earth here,
And in the splendor of the sunrise,
I feel His holy present so near.
–Roger Lee, by permission