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Separation from the one you love
Is hard on everyone
It can't be meant as part of life
Until each life is done
The only journey each should take
To spend much time apart
Is when one of the two must die
And break the other's heart.
Dying isn't something to be taken lightly
It means the end of all
That we have worked for on this earth
It means that time was small
But it also means the start of life
If what we're taught is true
So you'll be with the one you loved
And others will be there too.
We're taught that everyone obtains
The goal I just spoke of
Cause a life was lost so that we
Might live in peace and love.
But death and lonliness are still hard
You don't want to be alone
You need the one you love the most
To have near and not a bone
No matter what we are taught
When that one person dies
A fuller heaven doesn't make up
For the broken heart and ties
So make the most of what you have
For someday it must end
The beauty you share in your life span

Will not heartache mend.

–John Barton Dodge