Simple, Blank, B/W Designs

Simple Funeral Programs Blank, Black/White & Minimalistic DIY Template Designs

Simple funeral programs typically offer a plain white background with little to no embellishments in its design. The cover may only consist of a funeral program title and the photo and/or text of a loved one's information. They are basic and minimalistic in presentation. The simple funeral programs are ideally printed in a white or ivory color paper but we do not recommend printing them on any other color paper if you are including a photo within your program content. 

The Funeral Program Site creates full color backgrounds to very simple funeral program backgrounds such as in this category. If your looking for something with more of a subtle background, our collection of simple, yet elegant themed designs are a great choice!  You can choose to add more simple accent images if desired or leave it as is for a clean and simple presentation! Our DIY simple funeral programs can be downloaded or edited online via Google Docs. You can print these easily on your own printer or locally but we also offer a full design and print service.

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Loving Funeral Program Template


// The Funeral Program Site pre-designed funeral program template is simple and elegant program design with our popular and traditional "In Loving Memory" word art on the cover that will highlight your photo and/or text. The program enables you to...