Service Announcement Videos

Funeral Service Social Media Announcement Videos - Ready to Post

Ready to share! Our animated video for a funeral announcement creates interest and gives attention to your post because of the way it is presented in a short video form. All our short video announcements have soothing music playing alongside of the visual imagery. Post the details of your loved one's funeral service on social media with our innovative funeral announcements in video form. High resolution 1080p for posting online or viewing on your TV.

Our short 30 second videos are a great way to let your family and friends know of your upcoming funeral or memorial service. The animated and beautiful presentation will bring attention to your posting so no one will miss it. Each short clip will feature your submitted photos in the specific theme presented in the sample. You can submit one line of personalized text along with your funeral service details. You can share the video on any social media platform or email the video link to your family and friends. A beautiful way to announcement your loved one's service by honoring their memory in digital form.