8-Sided Graduated Fold (Large Tabloid)

Large Tabloid Size 8-Sided Graduated Fold Funeral Program Template

The largest you can get in a graduated style fold. The graduated fold program has been a beloved layout for creating a unique printed memorial and our largest 8-sided template does not disappoint. The large tabloid graduated fold funeral program template comes formatted in an 8-page layout or 2 sheets printed front and back. It provides three tabs on the right side and is presented in an offset or graduated style fold and prints on 11x17 tabloid paper. This is the largest size graduated funeral program template you can create. The finish folded size is 11.5" wide x 11" high. The width will be wider than the traditional letter size paper because of the revealed tabs on the side making appear larger. This is a great layout for those who like the tier folded format which makes a great impact in this larger size. 

Includes filler text to help guide you along, edit all fields, includes free funeral program title word art on the cover which is removable and movable anywhere within the template. Create your own title using fonts from your computer, add additional clipart and photos, if desired, or perfect as is!