Memorial Stuff Animal Urns

Teddy Bear Urns & Memorial Stuffed Animals

Teddy bear urns are stuffed animals with a zipper compartment that can contain a portion or all of your cremains as a means to hold a loved one close. The teddy bear or stuffed animal urns are personalized on the belly with embroidery and can be placed in any room or urn niche for a lovely memorial.

The Funeral Program Site offers an adorable selection of stuffed animal urns that are machine washable and provide a zipper compartment that can be accessed from the bottom. The animals are soft and embroidered in quality according to your specific wording. An ideal container for a beloved baby or child. We also offer matching children's funeral program designs.

Our personalized and adorable collection of stuffed animal and teddy bear urns are perfect for a child's cremains or keepsakes. The inside compartment is accessible via a zipper at the back to contain a little urn, cremains in a pouch, or special keepsakes. Personalized by embroidery on each stuffed friend's belly makes this a great memorial to place in a room of your home or crematory niche. Also a wonderful accompaniment at the service on a memory table. Machine Washable.