Traditional Beloved Hymns

funeral.hymns.jpgPlaying or singing hymns at a funeral or memorial service is very common especially if it is a faith based service. Although you may hear a hymn here and there even in non religious ceremonies, they are always appropriate. Religious denominations may also have a listing of their own songs for their congregation or sect that is considered played at a service.

Hymns lyrics are very powerful. Even if the person singing or following along does not know the hymn being sung, the words can still make an impact on a grieving heart. Never underestimate the power of a hymn! Many hymns were written by people who were in deep mourning or sorrow so the words are often reflective and emotional.

People's emotions never change although our circumstances may vary. Hymns are truly ageless songs which have been carried throughout the past decades. Because it relates to such deep emotions such as grieving and loss, they are relatable which is why they are still popular today in funerals.

Hymns also can be accepted by all ages. It doesn't matter if your 15 or 50 years of age, the wording and soft gentle, melodic tone can bring emotions up from deep within our spirit. Whether you have a soloist singing a favorite your loved one enjoyed or have all the attendees sing along during the service, it is impactful. You can write the hymn lyrics within the funeral program in case attendees do not know the words. You can also refer to a hymnal book if your service is in a church. Hymnals are generally located and interspersed within the pews.

Here are some of the general funeral hymns played at services today. They are a timeless collection that continues to be played and heard from many generations ago. They can be heard at the actual ceremony, visitation or wake, and the graveside.

Popular List of Funeral Hymns

  • "Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks To The Risen Lord"
  • "For All The Saints
  • " I Sing A Song Of The Saints Of God"
  • "We Know That Christ Is Raised And Dies No More"
  • "I Come With Joy To Meet My Lord"
  • "I Am The Bread Of Life"
  • "Come With Us, O Blessed Jesus"
  • "Deck Thyself, My Soul, With Gladness"
  • "Shepherd Of Souls"
  • "Holy God We Praise Thy Name"
  • "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee"
  • "God Is Love"
  • "Fairest Lord Jesus"
  • "O Worship The King, All Glorious Above"
  • "How Firm A Foundation, Ye Saints Of The Lord"
  • "Lord Jesus, Think On Me"
  • "If Thou But Trust In God To Guide Thee"
  • "Praise To The Lord, The Almighty"
  • "Now Thank We All Our God"
  • "Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven"
  • "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"
  • "What Wondrous Love Is This"
  • "Alleluia, Sing To Jesus"
  • "Lift High The Cross"
  • "All Praise To Thee"
  • "Lord Of All Hopefulness"
  • "Be Thou My Vision"
  • "O For A Thousand Tongues"
  • "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling-Place"
  • "Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones"
  • "Jerusalem, My Happy Home"
  • "O What Their Joy And Their Glory Must Be"
  • "Ye Holy Angels Bright"