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Design, Format, and Layout

  • Can I modify the background image myself?

    No. This is against our copyright and is considered to be an infringement upon our work. If you would like a background changed in any way, please contact us to do so. We are happy to accommodate your requested change but we must be the ones to modify our own copyrighted backgrounds.

  • How do I move the image around?

    It is important that you insert the photo inside the photo box(s) provided exactly how we instruct you. Otherwise, you will not be able to move the image around if it is inserted incorrectly.

    We provide the step by step instruction on inserting a photo into your template in our Help Guide Instruction Booklet provided to you with your download link or by viewing our video under the HELP TAB. You can also contact us via LIVECHAT or phone for assistance.

  • How do I change a square photo box to an oval?

    You can remove the square box by clicking on it and hitting delete on your keyboard. Then using your drawing tool create or draw an oval circle in its place. Look for the drawing toolbar in your Microsoft Word/Publisher window.

    For MAC iWork Pages users, select the shapes at the top of your iWork Pages window and choose the oval shape. Once you have the oval drawn, simple insert the photo as we instruct you in our video tutorials under the HELP TAB.

    If you would like to see this visually, visit our HELP TAB video on how to change the front cover photo shape for your specific software.

  • Why does my template have a thick white edge on the right side, that I can't remove?

    This wide white border on the edge of your print preview or printed program is caused by a setting in your printer properties. If you have a very old HP printer (2 years or older), you may need to update the driver. If your printer is relatively new (less than 2 years old), then check your print properties and make sure you select the corect paper size. You may need to select the paper size in a few different areas within your print driver. Every printer is different so make sure you check other settings.

    Also check in your template, the margins and make sure they are all set to 0. Then apply the changes to the ENTIRE document. Don't forget to also adjust the paper size in the margins paper tab to reflect the correct setting. If you have done this and your still getting the uneven white margins, you may need to update your printer driver.

  • All of your samples have pictures on them. Can we leave a picture off the front cover and if so, does the picture on the cover fill in the place where a pic would otherwise be?

    Yes, you can elect to have a photo on the front or do without one. The background image will remain continuous and there will be no gap where the photo should have been. Our templates are very versatile and you can choose to also have the photo inside the program or add a collage page on the inside if you so desire.

  • Can I Add Pictures On The Inside of The Template?

    Yes, you can add photo boxes on any page or anywhere within your program template very easily. If your not sure how to do so, please see our video and instructions on how to accomplish this by reading our HELP instruction booklet provided to you with the download link or visit our HELP TAB to see our short video.

  • If the wrong year like 2015 is put in wrong will this get caught or print out like this?

    If you type in the wrong information and it is spelling correctly, the WORD file will not catch it. WORD only catches typos, no grammatical errors or wrong dates. You should always get into the habit of proofing your completed work, it is also helpful to have another family member or close friend look it over as a second pair of eyes or it could be a costly mistake.

  • How do I remove the white background from the picture frame on the program?

    All of our templates provide a movable photo box. So you can delete or move it around, if desired. If yours is not, call or email us and let us know so we can send you a the same template design with movable boxes. Then you can freely move or remove the white background boxes where each photo should be placed. The background should still remain lovely with or without a photo.

  • Do You Do Any Other Type of Templates?

    Yes! We have done a large array of templates for every occasion in DIY printable programs, invitations, and cards avilable on our sister site, Celebrations of Life

    You can also view our Any Occasion category and use those designs for any event other than a memorial service, since you are able to change the title.

  • Can I Change the Color of the Background Image?

    We do offer certain templates in a variety of colors. You can contact our customer care line and inquire about a color change of a particular design you like or view the thumbnail images for some of the templates that provide a different color option.

    There is a minimal charge of $20 to change the color of a template if it is not offered on the website.

  • Can I edit the title text on the funeral program front cover?

    We offer two different types of templates here at The Funeral Program Site. Our preprinted title programs provide you with our beautiful signature script for the title which are not editable.

    Our editable titles are available in our ANY OCCASION or AO template category. Here you can choose from the same great designs but you can edit the title to whatever you'd like it to say and use it for any type of occasion.

  • Can I mess up the funeral program template design when I customize it?

    It is highly unlikely.

    We do provide you with step by step instructions as well as live support when customizing your funeral program so it is as easy as possible for you. You can be confident that when you purchase a template from The Funeral Program Site, you are a valued customer and we work hard to earn keep your trust at its highest possible level. Obtaining that trust is providing you with the tools and help you need to get your program done.

  • How Do I Insert a Picture Into The Oval Frame?

    If you’ve purchased a funeral program from us that contains an oval or rectangular photo frame, we provide several step by step instructions for inserting your photo within Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Apple iWork Pages.

    You can download our instruction HELP GUIDE that was provided for you with the download link, check our HELP TAB and watch our short video tutorial, or contact our LIVE SUPPORT at 1-800-773-9026.

    The instruction varies depending on which application your using (WORD, Publsiher, OpenOffice, Apple iWork Pages), but our video and help guide will walk you through the process.

  • What if I don’t want to customize it myself, can you help with that?

    Yes––for a minimal fee starting at $39.95, we can do the customizing for you with our Funeral Program Customization Services. If you are short on time or do not feel comfortable using any of the template applications, this is the perfect solution for you.

    We require you justa email all the information and we’ll professionally typeset your program and insert the photo(s) for you.  We will then email the completed program back to you for review in a PDF file print-ready format. You can then print it yourself, take it to a local office supply store, of we can print it for you! You have many options here at our online superstore.

  • Can I add more pages to the funeral program if I need them?

    Yes, you can easily add more pages to the funeral template you purchase. In fact, you can add as many as you'd like. Our funeral program templates are formatted and versatile enough for you to be able to add or delete pages at your desire. Check out our video tutorials under our HELP TAB on how to add more pages to our templates.