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General Questions

  • Can I Place Your Background Images From The Template Into A Fan or Another Product?

    No. This is strictly against our copyright and is an infringement of our copyright for the backgrounds we create. You may not use them for commercial purposes meaning you can't put the backgrounds in a product you are going to sell to anyone. Doing so would be using our template images against what they were originally intended to be used for.


    Please adhere to this policy, failure to do so will result in legal action.

  • Can I Open The PAGES Version On My iPAD?

    Yes, you can! Because our PAGES templates are compatible for MAC OS X, you are able to edit it on your iPad as long as you have the PAGES app installed. You are then free to edit it and then save it or print it directly from your iPad to your printer. If you need an earlier version of PAGES, please contact us to resend you the file.

  • Are your WORD templates compatible with Open Office?

    Yes, they are! If you use open office as your word processor, you may use it to edit our WORD compatible templates. If you need assistance in Open Office, you may contact our support line for additional help at 1-800-773-9026.

  • Do you have any other websites that sells templates?

    Yes! We have a sister site that sells templates for immediate download and offers similar services as The Funeral Program Site. The Celebrations of Life Store offers templates for every occasion. The customer support number is 1-800-773-9026.

  • What software and versions are your templates compatible with?

    Our templates are compatible with Microsoft Word® version 2003 & up. So you are able to use it with versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and any other future releases of Word. For MAC users, they are compatible with Microsoft Word® 2004, 2008 and any future releases of this software.

    • Publisher compatibility is for version 2000 and up
Apple iWork Pages compatibility is 08, 09, and up

    In some cases we are able to send you a lower version, however keep in mind that the file size increases and often it is not feasible for the receiving email to accommodate such large files.

  • Once I pay what will happen? and does the companies name come up on any part of the memorials?

    After payment has been received, you will be redirected to a download link webpage. This page will provide you the link(s) you need to download your template. You will get the same information in an email. Please make sure you check your SPAM/JUNK folder for that email as it has been known to fall in there at times.

    Our templates do not have our company name embedded in the background. We do have it in a text box which you can easily change to brand your own company. Keep in mind however, that the only restriction we have on our templates is that you do not RESELL our templates as we do. Other than that, you are free to place your own design company there, if desired.

  • I have no idea how this site works. Can you explain it me?

    Yes, certainly. We have a whole page dedicated to make sure you know all your different options available to help create a program. Please see our details on our webpage regarding questions on how does it all work.

  • I have a MAC computer but I don't know how to use iWork Pages.

    if you have a MAC OSX computer, we highly recommend using iWork Pages® for your template and program customization. Although there is a Microsoft Word® version for the MAC, we have found that using iWork Pages® will allow you a much friendlier interface. Since Microsoft Word® was originally intended to run on the PC, the MAC version does meet with some challenges.

    Time is of the essence when your in the midst of preparing for the funeral. We are happy to train and help you with iWork Pages® so you can customize your template very quickly, if you choose to download the free trial from the Apple website.

  • I Ordered The Wrong Template Design and Layout!

    We strive to place and note the sizing and product description on each page of our template purchase page. If you ordered the wrong template design or layout, you must order the correct one again. We do not offer exchanges for templates that were purchased incorrectly. Please make certain you are purchasing and reading the information provided in the description so you are made aware of the proper sizing of each of our templates. We have the largest collection of styles online as we carefully note the size of them.

    If you are still unsure of the sizing even after reading the description, please contact us by phone (510) 427-2406 for further assistance.

  • I am interested in your fan kit for my church, can I have it customized for another even besides a memorial service?

    Yes! You can have us customize to whatever event you would like or need them for. The fan order page will ask you what you want on your 3 free lines of personalization. Just specify what you would like. Alternatively, you can contact us and order by phone as well.

  • I Saved MY Template But I Can't Find It Anywhere!

    When you click on our download link, we recommend you do a SAVE. The browser will prompt you if you would like to OPEN or SAVE. Please select SAVE and save it to your desktop. If you do not specify a location of where to save it to, it usually goes into your documents>downloads folder, but this may vary depending on your computer configuration. That is why it is better to tell the download prompt to go to your desktop so you can easily find it once its been downloaded.

    Once saved to your desktop you are then free to move it to any folder you want, if you desire. If you still are unable to locate your template, call our support team and we can assist you in retrieving your document.

  • Is There A Discount For Purchasing Multiple Templates?

    The templates at The Funeral Program Site are the highest and best quality templates you can purchase online. We are unsurpassed as far as our beautiful designs and presentations. Discounts are applied when you purchase any of our Funeral Software Packages available when you purchase at least 30 templates. Order less than 30 templates must be purchased al la carte through our website or by contacting our customer service line at (800) 773-9026.

  • I am a MAC OSX user, which layout is best for me?

    We highly recommend that you use our iWork Pages layout and NOT Microsoft Word on the MAC to open up WORD documents. We also do not recommend that you use iWork Pages to open up WORD documents. It's best to select the layout that goes with the application. (i.e., Word use Word template, iWork Pages use iWork Pages template).

    Although iWork Pages can open up Word documents, there are some quirky things that happen in the conversion process depending on the layout you've chosen. We offer our templates in three different layouts for Microsoft Word, Publisher and iWork Pages. Select the layout that runs with the application software you'll be using.

    For MAC users, choose iWork Pages, it makes life a whole lot easier.

  • Why can't I get a straight forward idea of pricing?

    The pricing for our templates vary. Each style will have its own pricing for that category by clicking on the category and reading the short description at the top of the templates display. Alternatively, you can also click on the product details or thumbnail image of the template design and the pricing will be noted within the full product description along with a BUY NOW button.

  • Can I put the funeral program template on a flash or USB drive and take it to another computer?

    Yes! Once you download the template from the link we send you via email and via a webpage (immediately after the order is processed), you can save it to your desktop and then copy it to a USB or flash drive.

    Many families do this in the event they need to take the template to the printing location or another state to finish working on it. If you are not sure how to copy your tmeplate to a USB or flash drive, contact our customer support and we will be happy to provide help.

  • How Long Is The Funeral Template Good For?

    There is no time limit on the actual funeral document that you download to your computer. In this way, you can use it multiple times if you wish. The only thing that expires within 24 hours is the download link. The template document itself will remain on your computer for as long as you want it there or until you delete it.

    The only time limits on funeral program creations are programs that are creating on the web. Since we offer downloadable digital templates, no time limit exists and you are free to use it as long as you need to.

  • I don’t have the current version of Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple iWork Pages, is there anything I can do?

    Yes, no problem! You can download a current free trial version for any of these applications. Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages allows you a free trial period where you can download a full working version of their programs for evaluation.

    The trial does expire within a given amount of time, usually 30 or 60 days, depending on the specific application you choose. When the trial expires and you go to use your application, it will not allow you to edit any further until you purchase the license.

    Once you install any of the application programs above on your computer, you will be able to easily customize, edit, and add to any of our funeral program templates. You can select from any of our categories which are all compatible with one of the three applications mentioned above. Choose from our categories:

  • How Many Times Can I Reuse the Template?

    You may reuse your funeral program template if you like however, here are some things to consider with the selection of a funeral program:

    You should consider a loved one's personality when choosing a template and not all programs will fit the same type of person. The funeral program should be a reflection of your loved one so choose one that best fits them. We offer a large selection of various funeral service programs categories and designs to fit any personality. Because the funeral program is an essential piece at the funeral or memorial service you want to make sure you choose the appropriate type of program to produce for this special closing event in one's life.

  • What Is The Best Way to Produce the Best Looking Program?

    It's important you follow our printing tips and online video tutorials on inserting the photo into your template the proper way. By doing so, this will ensure that you have everything in line to produce the best looking program.

    Make sure you visit our video tutorials section to view our online visual help and written procedures for customizing your template. It's also a good idea to look through these before your purchase so you know exactly how you will accomplish things.

  • What Kind of Help Can I Expect to Receive?

    When you purchase or buy any of our funeral program templates, you will receive plenty of help! We provide you with live customer support and exceptional written documentation procedures in our exclusive Help Guide on how to customize your template for any of the three application templates available and add additonal pages to your template. Our goal is to help you facilitate the completion of your program. We assist you not only in customizing your template but if you have any questions and need help with a certain procedure in Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple iWork Pages, we can help train you. If you are new to any of these desktop applications, we also provide personal training for any of these applications. Our training consists of remote accessing your computer so it is like we are sitting right next to you in the comfort of your own home!

    At The Funeral Program Site, you always receive:

    Live Customer Support 7 days a week
    The Funeral Program Site Help Guide
    Online Help and Support FAQs
    Online Video Tutorials
    Immediate Email Support
    Technical Expertise in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple iWork Pages