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Printing Your Program

  • How Do I Print Borderless?

    Our templates are set so that the background images are set all the way to the edge of the paper. In order for you to print the program in a borderless format, you will need to have a printer that prints with this feature available.

    If your unsure whether or not you have a borderless printer, you can check by going to your print properties setup under paper size to see if there is a letter borderless paper size setting. If you are printing other larger size programs, you will need to have those sizes with borderless, respectively. (i.e., borderless legal, borderless tabloid).

    Home desktop printers that do not have this option, will print the program with a white 1/8" border around the perimeter of the paper. If you want to achieve a borderless look, you will need to trim the white around the paper.

    If you choose to take the program to be printed at a Kinkos or other office supply store, they may not have a borderless printer but will achieve the full bleed or edge to edge printing look by trimming the edges. Be sure you check with them if this is an important factor for you as they may apply addtiional charges to your overall printing costs.

    You can also take advantage of our printing services in which we provide you with both border and borderless printing. See our printing services for more details and pricing.

  • It is printing on two pages and I want front and back. Using MS Word. Have Windows XP

    If you do not have a printer that prints front and back at the same time, you will need to flip your paper over after printing each page. So for example, send it to print page 1, then flip the paper over and print page 2.

    If you do have a duplex or two-sided printer, there should be an option in your printer properties that indicates double sides or back to back printing.

  • I'm unable to print the back of the template right side up. The wording is printing upside down on the back. How do I correct this?

    The setting to correct this is not within the template and is set in your print properties. Every printer driver or properties is different depending on the type of printer that you have. Look for a setting within the properties titled "Short edge binding" or "Long edge binding". Whatever it is set to now, select the opposite since it is currently printing your back page upside down.

  • I Can't Print My Program!

    if you are having problems printing your program from the template, check your printer connections to ensure they are correct. Once you verified that, go to your print settings in your printer properties and adjust them to the right paper size and quality setting. These are the most general things you can look for. Because every printer driver is different, you will have to be familiar with your own settings. If you are still unable to print your program, you can contact our support team during our business hours at (800) 773-9026, livechat or via email for assistance.

    Please make sure you are specific to the error messages or what exactly is happening when you are not able to print. This will help us get a better understanding of how to assist you. This issue occurs with problems with your printer and is not template related. We can guide you generally in what to look for but we do not know how every printer is setup because of the vast differences in the driver.

  • Will printing shop know how to assemble the 4-page graduated? How can I do this myself?

    More than likely, a printer will not know how to assembly a 4-page graduated program. You can either show them how its done or choose to fold them yourself. Often if you ask the print shop to fold them, they will need to do this manually as opposed to having a machine fold them, therefore they may charge you more for doing so. It is not difficult to fold them yourself and if you have alot of programs to do, enlist the help of other family members and friends. 

    Here is our video link on how to assemble our 4-page graduated program.



  • Can I upload my own program to be printed by you?

    Yes, you can! We offer professional printing services for any of our programs, bookmarks, or cards. Our printing services include assembly as well so when you get it, it will be distribution ready. You can take any of our templates and print them yourself on your own home printer, email it to us for printing, or take it to any printer near you.

  • The oval photo 'frame' on the front page printed rectangular. What can I do to correct this glitch?

    Make sure that you insert your photo into the oval frame correctly. Please review to our online instructions and short video on how to do this. See How To Insert Photo on the Front Cover. When you follow our guidelines, your photo will fit correctly into the oval. Another tip is to make sure you crop the photo before inserting it into the template.

  • We use A4 paper in the UK and Australia. Will the letter-size funeral program template be compatible?

    We really don't recommend resizing. It's best to use a template setup for A4 in order to avoid background image distortion. You can resize it if you desire however, but note there will be some distortion to the background graphic. We do offer A4 templates on our website, so you can download and order them directly. If you do not see a design in the A4 category that you'd like, you can still order it by phone and we'll email it to you directly.

  • There is a white uneven border all around my template when I print it. How can I get rid of this?

    In Microsoft Word 2003 and Publisher, sometimes when you do a print preview, you may see an uneven white border around the perimeter of your funeral bulletin template document. The white border appears thicker on the right side of the document than the other areas.

    This is due to your print driver settings.  In order to get an even white border when printing or no border at all (for the printers that have the borderless feature), you need to make sure your margins are set to 0 and the paper size is set to letter or legal borderless. If you own an older printer, it is possible that you may need to download a new driver from your printer manufacturer's website.

    This issue is not a template problem but rather can be corrected through a setting within your print driver. This is also well documented in our Help Guide that is available to you for all purchases or you can contact our customer support for further assistance. Make sure you read our important printing tips for other helpful notes.

    Every printer is different so you may or may not experience this issue. If you see this when doing a print preview for your home printer and plan to take this to an offsite printer, you should not see this in the final printed document. The print facility will know how to set their print driver to manage this issue.


  • Is it possible to print funeral programs with only color on the front cover, black and white on the inside pages ?


    Yes, excellent quesion! If you want to save on printing costs, you can easily print the inside page design or the entire program and layout in black and white. You can even remove the design within the internal pages altogether, if you'd like. Our funeral program templates are flexible enough where you can add, edit, or remove anything you'd like within the design.

    If you prefer to only have a front cover, you can remove the entire back design or use it for another program. This is all within your control and you can make the program as simple or elaborate as you wish. Although our funeral program templates are designed for full color on the front, back and inside pages, you do not have to stay within those constraints should you want to trim costs within the printing budget.

  • Do Your Templates Require ALOT of Ink?

    We offer the largest selection of templates on the web. We have template designs that are in full color and some that require less color when printing. It is ultimately up to you on how you print the final program. You can choose to print the inside pages in black and white or the entire program. Alternatively, you can also just print the cover page in color and the inside and black and white.

    You can also set your printer to "draft" mode and print the entire program in color. The draft mode conserves ink while still giving you a color program. If you decide to print it at a local offic supply store, you can print the program all in color if desired.

  • What Are Your Program Printing Guidelines?

    To ensure your program prints in the best possible way, please view our general printing guidelines. Following our guidelines will provide you with a set of items you can take note of before you start printing.

  • How Do I Print My Completed Funeral Program Template?

    When you have finished editing your funeral template and plan on printing it on your home printer, follow these steps to make sure your printer produces a beautiful funeral program. 

    If you do a print preview and an uneven white border appears, make sure you set your print driver page setup margin settings to 0. This will only appear if you do not have borderless letter or legal size capability on your printer. The funeral program will print will an even white border once your margins are set. Also set your paper size to 'borderless'.

    If your printer does not have a duplex mode, ability to print on both side at one go, then print page one first. We recommend you print out one proof copy, allow dry time (if necessary) and then turn the paper over and print page two on the reverse side.

    When you are happy with the proof or funeral program sample you just printed proceed and print the number of programs you need, printing page one with x amount of copies. Remember to view our important printing tips on our website and within our Help Guide for additional help and instructions. You can also contact us by phone, livechat, or email.