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Technical and How-To

  • How do I place a photo in an oval template?

    We have video tutorials on how to accomplish this. There are also written instructions with the video or you can call us to help guide you through it. The procedure depends on what software your using and which version. Rest assured, we are prepared to assist any way we can and can help you insert any photo into your template.

  • How do I make my photo oval on the cover when it keeps coming up square?

    Your photo may be smaller than the photo square shape that is currently in the template. Either size down the frame or use a larger photo. Then follow our procedures on how to properly insert a photo into an oval. If you do not insert the photo by our procedures, this can also occur.

  • I would like to send one of the poems to my facebook page.

    You should be able to copy and paste your poem to your facebook page. If not, you can find the poem on our funeral poems library and you can press the LIKE button and that will share it with your friends on facebook.

  • How Do I Add Additional Pages to My Template?

    You can add as many pages as you need to any of our single fold templates. We do not recommend adding pages to the 4-page graduated program since it can get very complicated and assembling them may become more tidious for you. We have complete written instructions and video tutorials on how to add pages to your template. If you still need additional help, please contact our live customer support at (800) 773-9026.

  • When I Open The Template It's Asking Me for a 25 Digit Product Key

    This message is not coming from our template. It is actually being generated by Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher. It means that the trial version that you are have installed on your computer is awaiting the trial product key that was generated by the Microsoft website download page.

    If you are unsure what the number is, you need to deinstall that trial version on your computer and go to and download the trial version again. Then reinstall it with the product key given to you on the download page. Once you've successfully entered the product key for the trial, your template will open just fine.

  • How Do I Know What Version of WORD, Publisher, or iWork Pages I Have?

    To see what version is running on your computer follow these instructions:

    PC Windows/Vista:
    Start > All Programs > Locate the Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Suite. If you have version 2003 or 2007, the listed name will indicate Microsoft Word 2003 or Microsoft Word 2007. If it does not have a number after the application name, your version is OLDER than 2003. You will need to download the latest version of Microsoft Word from You can download their 60-day trial version.

    Alternatively, you can edit the template on another computer that runs any one of these applications and compatible versions.

    MAC Users: 
    Open your Mac Hard Drive folder > Locate Applications folder > Open your Microsoft Office application and start Word. File> About WORD > Should indicate Microsoft® Word X for Mac® Release 1 or Microsoft® Word X for Mac®

  • Do your funeral templates work with Microsoft Works or Office Writer?

    Our funeral templates have been tested for compatibility with Microsoft Word® (versions 2003 & up), Publisher® (version 2000 & up), and Apple iWork Pages® (versions 08 & up). Furthermore, if you are using a lower version, you will not be able to edit your template.

    They are not created to be edited with Microsoft Works or Office Writer software. Microsoft Works is not the same as Microsoft Word application. Do not get them confused. Although some have claimed they are able to open and edit our templates using these applications, we cannot guarantee the reliability or formatting of the program. Nor can we provide customer support for Works or Office Writer.

    It is important that before you purchase your template, you make sure you have the proper software installed on your computer to edit them. If you do not have them installed, you may download the free trial versions at each of their websites. If you have never used them before, we will help you get started and provide instruction for you on how to edit your template and do basic edits so that will accomplish the completion of your program.

    For reference you can go to each of these websites:

    Download free trial version of Microsoft Word
    Download free trial version of Microsoft Publisher
    Download free trial version of Apple iWork Pages

  • When I Change One Area of The Template, Everything Else Changes!

    You most likely have a template that is corrupted which could occur during a download. This is rare but if your template behaves in this way, contact us immediately so we can send you a new template. This is not typical of how our templates work and it should not be happening.

    A new template sent to you via email will resolve this issue.

  • Do You Have Any Videos Demos on How To's?

    Yes! We have a whole video library for you to watch as you need them. Each video is created specifically for Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2007 and Apple iWork Pages so you will be able to see exactly how its done when you are using any one of these application programs.

    There is also written instructions under each video tutorial in case you'd rather read the procedures. Last but not least, you can always phone our customer support line for additional help.

  • I can’t open up the template, Microsoft Word quits and does not open the file.

    This error occurs when you are running on an older version of Microsoft Word. If your version is lower than 2003, when you try and open the funeral template, it may quit upon clicking. Check to make sure you are running Microsoft Word version 2003 and up.

    To find out how to check the version your running, view find version of Microsoft Word, Pulisher, or Apple iWork Pages.

  • When I open up the template in Microsoft Word 2003, the format is odd and is a jumbled mess!

    Not to worry, the view layout within your Microsoft Word applicaton may be set incorrectly. 

    Within Microsoft Word, select VIEW > PRINT LAYOUT and your template will display as it should. Within the funeral template, there are a total 2 pages which are predesigned and preformatted for you. The funeral program cover and back are on one page and the inside page is on Page 2. You can now edit as normal.