What Is The Best Type of Paper To Print Your Funeral Programs?

What Is The Best Type of Paper To Print Your Funeral Programs?

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jan 27th 2020

Hello and welcome to another Q & A session here at The Funeral Program Site. Today we’re gonna address questions that we get asked from families all across the world who visit our website.

Today’s question is what is the best paper that you recommend for creating and printing our funeral programs?

We recommend that you use a 32-pound paper for all bifold letter size programs which you fold in half or even if you use it in our graduated folds and the reason for this is because the 32 lb. paper is the thickest you can go without going card stock. It has a nice substantial weight and it still folds easily and nicely and gives a nice overall presentation to your completed funeral program.

The 32 lb. paper is readily available at any office supply store or  Fedex Kinkos so you might want to call around your local area to those stores and compare pricing. We have found tat FedEx Kinkos does have the best pricing for the 32 lb. paper if you have them printed there. If you have them printed at a local office supply store, you can ask them for a 32 lb. paper and they should have them.

What is best paper to use for funeral programs presented by The Funeral Program Site

If your printing your funeral program on a legal or tabloid size paper, you won’t be able to find that nice thicker weighted paper at any office supply store. You will need to go to a paper supply store which are located in the big cities so if you live in a rural area or country town you may have to drive to your nearest big city to find a paper store or you may also try shopping online to obtain that size paper weight if you have a little more time in the planning process.

We don’t recommend printing your  funeral programs on a card stock paper and the reason for this is because when you go to fold, it does tend to crack along the folded area or sides. If you are doing a funeral booklet, you can print the cover and back page in a card stock paper and the inside pages in a regular weighted paper, but just keep in mind that you will need to do an extra step of scoring the card stock before folding to prevent the cracking along the fold.

If you choose The Funeral Program Site  full design and printing service, we do offer all of these options as well as being printed on matte or glossy finish. If you want the card stock cover, we do automatically score it so when it folds, it is a nicer presentation.

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