Best Paper For Funeral Programs

What is the best paper for printing funeral programs? We highly recommend using a 32-pound paper for your five-fold letter size programs. Whether you're folding them in half or using graduated folds, this paper is the perfect choice. It provides a nice, substantial weight while still being easy to fold, resulting in a professional and impressive program.

You can easily find 32-pound paper at any office supply store or FedEx Kinkos. We suggest calling around your local area to compare prices. We've found that FedEx Kinkos usually offers the best pricing for this type of paper. If you're printing your program on legal or tabloid size paper, make sure to ask for 32-pound paper at your local office supply store.

If you're unable to find 32-pound funeral program paper at an office supply store, don't worry! Paper supply stores, typically found in big cities, are your best bet. However, if you live in a rural area or a small town, you may need to make a trip to the nearest big city to find a paper supply store. Alternatively, you can also shop online for this paper if you have a bit more time.

While card stock paper may seem like a good option, we don't recommend it for folding purposes. It tends to crack on the sides when folded. However, if you're creating a funeral booklet, you can print the cover and back page on cardstock and use a thinner weight paper for the inside pages. Just remember to score the center of the card stock to prevent any cracking on the sides.

At our company, we offer all of these options, including matte or glossy finishes. If you choose card stock, we automatically score it for a seamless fold. Don't forget to check out our wide range of DIY funeral program templates and personalized memorial keepsakes, exclusively available at 

We do offer all of these options as well as being printed on matte or glossy finish if you want the card stock we do automatically score it so that when it folds it is a nicer presentation thanks for watching this Q&A session please keep your questions coming if you'd like to see a future video on your question please post them below or head on over to our website and post them on our answer base we answer those questions within 15 minutes of posting so that we don't keep you waiting you can check out all our available DIY funeral program templates as well as personalized and loving memory keepsakes only available at the funeral program site com

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