Collection: Memorial Pillows

Memorial pillows are an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind means to pay homage to the cherished memory of a loved one. The in loving memory pillow, with its generous dimensions of approximately 16" x 16" square, provides a plethora of background options for you to select from.

The memorial pillow can be imprinted on both sides, if desired, further enhancing its sentimental value. Crafted from a resilient yet gentle cotton polyester blend, the material exudes a comforting touch and can be easily machine washed by simply removing the inner casing. This versatile tribute can be effortlessly placed in any room, serving as a perfect reminder on special occasions or even in the midst of everyday life. Memorial pillows are a unique way to honor a loved one's memory.

The in loving memory pillow measures approximately 16" x 16" square and offers a variety of backgrounds for your choosing. The memorial pillow can be imprinted on both sides, if desired. The material is made from a soft, durable cotton polyester blend and is machine washable by removing the inner casing. This can be placed in any room for a perfect tribute on a special day of the year of everyday.