Celebration of Life Funeral Programs

The purpose of celebration of life services is to shift the focus of commemorating a loved one from a sorrowful and gloomy affair to a more optimistic and lively celebration of the impact their life has had on others. Celebration of life programs provide guests with a clear understanding of what to expect during the service. Below are some helpful tips and templates to assist in creating a program for this special event.

Similar to an invitation to a celebration of life, a program is offered to guests at the service to inform them about what to anticipate. By mentally preparing for the service's activities, individuals can better adjust to unconventional funeral customs and concentrate on commemorating the life and cherished memories of the departed. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind while preparing this type of funeral program. 

You have the option to use one side or both sides of the paper for your program. If you choose to use both sides, you can either utilize the front and back or fold the paper to create four separate pages. The folded paper typically includes information from the front of a regular sheet, while the two inner pages display the order of service usually found at the back of a regular sheet. 

The program usually provides guests with two types of information. The first type is biographical details about the deceased, while the second type lists the events that will take place during the service. If the entire group is expected to sing, the program may also include the lyrics to hymns or songs. Additionally, the program not only outlines the events, but also specifies who will be leading each part of the service. This includes information on who will deliver a eulogy, perform readings, and sing or play specific music. 

There are families who opt for a celebration of life service as they desire a less formal atmosphere for the memorial. For such services, it may be suitable to provide an explanation of the activities to familiarize guests with the alternative format to the traditional funeral service. Below are some examples of the activities that could be included and the corresponding wording that may be used in the program. 

We are delighted to invite you to the Celebration of Life service for John Smith. Please take a moment to find a seat at one of the tables scattered throughout the room. The tables closest to the patio door have been thoughtfully reserved for John's immediate family members. While we won't be serving a full meal, we will be providing a selection of beverages and delicious desserts at your table. We hope you have a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and family as we honor John's memory. 

The order of the celebration of life service is flexible by design. The template will show several activities for the service. If not including a particular activity, simply delete the item from the listing, or change it to reflect your particular service. After customizing the program, print the program on stationary paper. The order of the celebration of life service is intentionally designed to be flexible. The template provides a variety of activities for the service, allowing you to personalize it according to your specific needs. If you wish to exclude a particular activity, you can easily remove it from the listing or modify it to suit your service. Once you have customized the program, you can print it on high-quality stationery paper for a polished and professional touch. 

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