Funeral Prayer Card Paper

Funeral cards by The Funeral Program Site are typically small, measuring 2-1/2 inch by 4-1/4 inch, laminated cards distributed at funerals or memorial services. They are intended to honor the deceased and serve as a lasting memory and tribute. Funeral cards and funeral programs are given as keepsakes to attendees of the service. In addition to being distributed at funerals, funeral prayer cards can also be shared at visitations, wakes, viewings, memorial services, and celebrations of life. It is also considerate to send one to loved ones who are unable to attend the service.

Funeral cards are known by various names, such as in memoriam cards, prayer cards, and memorial cards. They can have either a religious or secular theme, depending on the type of service. A card for a religious service is often referred to as a prayer card and may feature images and quotes from the respective religion. On the other hand, a funeral card for a secular service may include inspirational images and quotes chosen by the family.

Creating funeral cards is a simple and efficient way to share a tribute to your loved one with all attendees. Typically, the front of the memorial card showcases a devotional picture or an inspirational photo. In religious services, this image is often of religious significance, such as the Virgin Mary or Jesus in the case of a Catholic service. For secular services, the image may depict beautiful scenery, a sunset, clouds, or any photo that is respectful and emotionally moving.

The back of the funeral card may feature a personal photo, the dates of birth and death, and an inspirational quote. The choice of quote depends on the type of funeral service and the preferences of the family. In religious services, the writing on the back usually consists of a bible passage or prayer, while for secular services, it may be a favorite quote or inspirational poem. The back of the card may also include a brief obituary of the deceased. You can slip a prayer card into the  funeral program, if desired for easy distribution.

The personal photo on the back can be one or two pictures that represent how the deceased wished to be remembered. The description provided above outlines the traditional content typically found on a funeral prayer card or memorial card. However, with the convenience of printing and the wide range of graphic options available online, you may choose to take a more creative or modern approach. There are numerous possibilities, and a funeral card can be anything tasteful and inspirational that you deem appropriate. You have the freedom to decide what to include in your own personalized tribute to your loved one, as well as the keepsake that attendees will cherish to remember the day.

A modern memorial card at a funeral can serve as a meaningful keepsake for friends and family to commemorate your loved one. It can be used to memorialize them, featuring their photos, personality, and the things they cherished. For example, you may include a collage of photos showcasing them, their family, and their friends. Additionally, you can incorporate pictures of their hobbies, memorabilia, jobs, artwork, awards, favorite quotes, lyrics, songs, games, pets, and more.

Modern funeral and memorial cards can range from heartfelt to lighthearted, depending on the individual and their personality. By embracing your creativity, you can create a truly memorable memorial card. Get them and  funeral program templates that match in design only available at The Funeral Program Site!
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