How To Choose A Funeral Program Template

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site, home of the largest selection of DIY  funeral program templates, printed memorials, and personalized in loving memory keepsake products. In this video, we will share how to select a funeral program template. Before we get started, please take a moment to like and subscribe to our channel. This enables us to continue making great content to equip you during a time of loss.

Funeral programs templates are a quick and easy way to produce funeral or a  funeral program for awake funeral or memorial service. A funeral program is also referred to by many different names, but it is simply a printed memorial which lists the details of the service ceremony. It also contains biographical information and key milestones of your loved one's life. Other items for inclusion can be favorite scriptures, poems, or sayings. There is no limit on what you can include within the program, so you can be as creative as you like in order to produce this cherished memorial.

The quickest way to create this memorial is to utilize a funeral program template. These are pre-designed documents with background graphics and text placeholders included for the information and photos you may want to add. Funeral program templates can be found in a variety of presentations or styles and are available for digital or downloadable purchase.

When choosing a funeral program template, you will first need to decide what size and style you would like. Often, the amount of information you want to include will dictate the size program you use. It is best to gather all your information first and then determine your size so you are able to see the amount of information you have prior to making your selection. Then, you will need to select the background design. Available themes may include, but are not limited to, faith-based, florals, landscapes, career, or hobbies. Selecting a background that is an extension of your loved one's personality adds a custom element to the program.

All of our templates are designed so they can be used with or without a front cover photo. You are also able to edit all the text and photo boxes within the template. Next, determine which software you will be using to make your funeral programs. If you choose Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages, ensure you have the software installed on your computer. If you do not have the necessary software, consider using Google Docs or our online editor to edit our template. We also recommend these for those who desire a more intuitive interface with minimal to no learning curve.

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