How To Replace A Casket Panel Insert

Welcome to today's video where we'll show you how to effortlessly replace or insert a custom casted hit panel. But before we dive in, we kindly ask you to show your support by liking and subscribing to our channel. Your support allows us to continue creating valuable content during difficult times. Check out our collection of custom casket panels!

Now, let's talk about the amazing option of a custom casted panel insert that you can have created right here at the funeral program site. These panels add a touch of color to the otherwise white interior of the casket, making it truly beautiful.

Replacing the plain panel with our custom option is a breeze. The standard casket already offers a plain panel insert, so all you need to do is have the funeral home replace it with our custom panel. Thanks to the material and technique we use, anyone can easily replace the original panel. 

Each of our custom panel inserts is made to order, available in standard sizes or cut to your specific dimensions. Adding our colorful panel is a piece of cake, and you won't even have to remove the original one. Simply take the new panel and gently press it over the original. As long as your dimensions are correct, it should fit snugly within the indented area. No glue or special tools required!

As you can see, our custom panels are incredibly easy to install. They can be inserted by a family member or the funeral home after the service. If you prefer, the panel can be easily removed and kept as a memorial keepsake or left within the casket.

If you're unsure about how to measure a casket panel, don't worry! Just watch our video on how to get the correct dimensions. Place your order today and experience the convenience and beauty of our custom panels.

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