The Risk of Ordering Funeral Programs Online

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site, home of the largest selection of DIY templates, funeral program printed memorials, and personalized and loving memory keepsake products. In this video, we will discuss the potential risk factors when ordering funeral programs online and the steps you can take to minimize these risks. Before we begin, please take a moment to like and subscribe to our channel. This enables us to continue providing useful and helpful content to assist you during a time of loss.

At the Funeral Program Site, we have been serving the death care industry for over two decades, offering a variety of services to fit every time frame and budget. Through our years of experience, we have encountered various issues that can occur when ordering printed memorials online and having them shipped. These issues include lost or mis-delivered packages, damaged products upon arrival, packages with no contents, and receiving false notifications of delivery.

Furthermore, there are factors beyond the courier's control, such as plane and weather issues, that can cause delays in the delivery of time-sensitive packages. This can be particularly challenging when needing the printed memorials in time for a funeral or memorial service. While these risks may discourage some from ordering online, it is important to take precautions and consider all factors involved.

One safeguard is to ensure sufficient time for production, including the creation, design process, proofing, printing, assembly, and shipping transit times. We recommend receiving your printed memorials two to three days before the actual service day to account for any potential shipping, plane, or weather delays. However, we understand that not everyone has the luxury of extra time. In such cases, it may be more suitable to print locally or work with a company within your area, ensuring you discuss the time frame and turnaround for their services.

It is crucial to plan ahead and be mindful of the potential issues that can arise during shipment. This will help you determine the best option for your time frame. While online pricing may sometimes be more competitive, it may not be worth the risk of possible issues. At the Funeral Programs Site, we offer professional printing and design services. We are upfront about whether we can complete your order within the given time frame. If we believe the time frame is too short, we can assist you with the design service, and you can print locally.

Thank you for watching. We hope this video has provided you with insight into ordering printed memorials online. Remember, the Funeral Program Site is here to help with our professional printing and design services. We prioritize transparency and will inform you if there is enough time to complete your order. If not, we can offer alternatives to ensure you receive the support and assistance you need. Thank you for choosing the Funeral Program Site, and we look forward to serving you in the future.


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