The Best Printer For Funeral Programs

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site Questions and Answers video series. Today's question is: What printer is best for printing obituaries or funeral programs? Before we delve into our discussion, we kindly request that you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. By doing so, we can continue to provide you with exceptional content for printed memorials in the future.

The Funeral Program Site DIY templates offer the convenience of printing at home if desired. When printing funeral programs on a home printer, there are two types of color printers to consider: inkjet and laser printers. Let's briefly examine the benefits of each.

An inkjet printer is a more economical option compared to a laser printer, with cartridges averaging between $15 and $30 each. These printers often come with built-in scanning and faxing functions, which may or may not be advantageous depending on your specific needs. Inkjet printers produce printed sheets by spraying ink onto the page in a pattern. It is important to note that inkjet cartridges have a lower yield, meaning they can print fewer pages compared to their counterparts. While the cartridge cost is lower, the cost per page is higher for inkjet printers. Some inkjet printers do offer edge-to-edge or full bleed printing, which is beneficial when printing funeral programs. It is advisable to allow the inkjet printed sheets some drying time to avoid smudging during assembly or folding.

On the other hand, a laser printer produces crisp and clean documents as the toner fuses to the paper, similar to a copier. Toner cartridges for these printers can cost over $100, but they generally have a higher yield, printing thousands of pages each. Laser printers do not require drying time when funeral program printing on both sides. While laser printers tend to be more expensive, they are recommended for printing obituaries due to their faster page-per-minute printing, lower cost per page, and no drying time requirement. However, it's important to note that laser printers do not offer an edge-to-edge or full bleed option, and all pages will have a quarter-inch white border around the perimeter. To achieve a full bleed presentation, this white border needs to be trimmed.

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