Funeral Backgrounds

Funeral programs can have many different types of backgrounds and have dramatically evolved over the years. They can also contain a no color or a blank backdrop without any design or flare.  Today, it is very common to see images for funeral program graphics with backgrounds in vibrant colors, beautiful scenic landscapes and many other different artistic design elements. The following are some examples of the type of funeral backgrounds that you may see available. 

Simple Funeral Backgrounds
These covers are still relatively conservative and minimalistic in design. They can feature a colored border or other small design element. These funeral backgrounds are a great choice for those seeking a simple background without much color or graphic.

Floral Backgrounds
A popular choice for funeral backgrounds are ones with beautiful floral designs. Flowers are often displayed and adorned at a funeral service so it is not uncommon to find backgrounds with a similar floral theme. You can find flowers in just about every color and style.

Outdoors and Scenic Landscape Backgrounds
These covers are good if your loved one loved the outdoors. You can easily find templates or get designs that feature scenery such as beaches, mountains, trees, gardens, sunrises, sunsets and many other outdoor landscapes.

Religious and Spiritual Funeral Backgrounds
Since many services are faith based, it may be appropriate to choose a religious themed background. These backgrounds may feature images such as crosses, bibles, Jesus, churches and other religious symbols.

Hobbies and Career 
You can find graphics based on hobbies and interests such as golf, gardening and many others. A great way to tailor the background to a person's occupation, vocation, or hobby.

Best Selection of Funeral Backgrounds