The Cancer Ribbon

The Funeral programs Site offers beautiful cancer ribbons in the signature loop presenation that are ready to wear for any funeral, memorial service.

Today, we are pleased to introduce our personalized cancer ribbon. A cancer ribbon is traditionally worn in a crisscross pattern on a lapel to demonstrate support and raise awareness for a particular cause or type of cancer. It can be worn at any special event throughout the year, including funerals or memorial services if the individual's passing was related to a specific disease or cancer.

The colors of cancer ribbons are determined by respected nonprofit organizations that focus on providing support, education, and awareness for individual cancers. Each color represents a distinct cause and can be further customized with text and a graphical image. At the Funeral Program Site, we offer a wide range of cancer and awareness ribbons in various colors, allowing you to choose from our extensive selection of specific causes or even create your own.

Our ribbons are sold in packs of 10, personalized with your chosen text, and are ready to wear. Explore our collection today, exclusively available at 

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