What Is A Program For A Funeral Called?

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site Question and Answer video. Today's question is: What is the program for a funeral called?

Custom funeral programs are often referred to by many different names depending on your culture, geographical location, or personal preference. Some common names you may hear include funeral bulletin, order of service program, funeral pamphlet, or obituary program. Regardless of the name, the purpose remains the same.

Funeral programs are printed keepsakes that commemorate a loved one's life by including information and photos. They also serve as an outline for the flow of the service ceremony. Funeral programs are important and tangible printed keepsakes that can be presented in various layouts or styles.

They are distributed at the funeral or memorial service to all attendees and family members. Custom funeral programs provide a brief representation of a loved one's life and highlight important milestones, often including the obituary. Other key items for inclusion are photographs, achievements, tributes, special poetry, and scriptures.

Funeral programs are a way to honor and remember the deceased, and they can be customized to reflect the individual's personality, interests, and beliefs. They are a meaningful way to pay tribute and provide comfort to those in attendance.

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