Why Is My Funeral Program Printing Upside Down

Welcome to another Questions and Answers video series brought to you by The funeral program Site. Today's question is: Why is my funeral program template printing upside down on the back page? Before we get started, please take a moment to like and subscribe to our channel. This enables us to continue making useful and helpful content to equip you during a time of loss.

If you are printing a draft or hard copy of your funeral program template on your own home printer, there may be a few adjustments that may require changing within your print properties. Every printer is different, so what we show you here may not be exactly how it will be in your printer properties. It may be similar in wording, but may not be exact.

After printing your funeral program front and back, you may notice the back side has printed upside down. If this happens, there is nothing to adjust within the template itself. You will need a printer that offers the feature of duplex or double-sided printing. This means that when you print your program, it will print the first page and then go back into the printer to print the second page.

You will need to go into your printer property settings and make your change there in order for the page to print right side up. Issue your print by clicking on your print navigation item, go into your printer properties, and look for a setting within the properties titled "short edge binding" or "long edge binding". It is usually located where you set the double side for duplex printing. It will either be a drop-down selection or a box you will click to select. Whatever it is set to now, select the opposite since it is currently printing your back page upside down. Perform a test print to ensure your page prints correctly.

These slight changes should correct the issue. Thanks for watching our Questions and Answers video series. For more information, visit our online Superstore for funeral brochures designs presented in this video and to view more of our collections, only available at The Funeral Program Site.
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