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Funeral brochures are referred to as a trifold funeral program because they are folded in three equal sections or thirds on a letter, legal or tabloid paper. The finished folded size is more compact and narrower than the traditional center fold program. This is a great alternative to the bifold because it produces an interesting and attractive presentation with its multiple fold layout. The funeral brochures is considered to be the second most popular size next to the traditional bifold program. Download your DIY funeral brochures today!

Our collection of funeral brochure templates enables you to create a funeral brochure perfectly and quickly. The template is formatted so all you need to do is replace our filler text and enter your own information and photos. Easy, peasy!

Featured Funeral Brochure

This week's featured brochure comes from our Floral collection. Pretty pink florals line the bottom of of the lush, gradient background. Funeral brochures are available in legal or tabloid sizing and can be edited in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, or Google Docs. The elegant design of the brochure showcases a beautiful array of pink florals against a gradient background. Available in legal or tabloid sizing, these funeral brochures can be easily customized using popular editing software.

Classic TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

diy funeral brochure

Funeral Brochures

Funeral brochures are presented in 2 sizes in our collection. Once folded they are convenient in size. Choose from two different sizes for our funeral brochures, ensuring convenience when folded. When it comes to funeral brochures, we have got you covered with two different sizes that ensure convenience when folded. Select from our two sizes of funeral brochures to ensure they are convenient when folded. We have options to meet your requirements.

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Floral TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

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Funeral Brochures

Funeral brochures are a wonderful printed memorial. Done for you service or DIY funeral brochures and download now! Funeral brochure design services also available. Shop now! Our funeral brochures provide a formal and informative way to honor your loved ones. With our funeral brochures, you can pay tribute to your loved ones in a formal and informative manner. Explore our range of customization options to make your funeral brochure a unique and cherished keepsake.

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Embassy TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

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Funeral Brochures

DIY funeral brochures are available for immediate download. Discover our convenient selection of DIY funeral brochures that can be instantly downloaded for your convenience. Discover the convenience of our DIY funeral brochures, available for immediate download. Browse through our range of DIY funeral brochures available for instant access. Select from a diverse array of options crafted for your convenience. Embrace the efficiency of our downloadable DIY funeral brochures.

Funeral Brochures Faith Collection
Timeless TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

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DIY Funeral Brochure

DIY funeral brochure templates enable you to create this popular style quickly and easily. Effortlessly create professional-looking funeral brochures using our selection of DIY templates. Effortlessly design sophisticated funeral brochures with our collection of DIY templates, ensuring a professional appearance every time. Creating polished funeral brochures is made simple with our DIY templates. Craft professional-looking designs easily and quickly with our selection of templates.

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Rosy TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

DIY Funeral Brochure

Funeral Brochure

A funeral brochure is available here in a large collection of background designs. Discover a wide selection of background designs for funeral brochures to suit any solemn occasion. Delve into our diverse collection of funeral brochure background designs tailored to suit any solemn event. Uncover a diverse range of background designs for funeral brochures, all meticulously selected to complement any solemn occasion.

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Devotion TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

Funeral Brochure

Funeral Brochure

The easiest way to make a funeral brochure is to download our funeral brochure template. Our funeral brochure template offers a user-friendly and efficient way to create a personalized tribute for your loved one. To begin creating your funeral brochure, simply download our user-friendly template. Our funeral brochure template is designed to streamline the process of creating a personalized tribute for your loved one. By downloading our user-friendly template, you can easily get started on your funeral brochure.

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Sunrise Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

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Funeral Brochure

A funeral brochure is available in two sizes of legal or tabloid paper. The funeral brochure is meticulously designed to fit on either legal or tabloid paper, ensuring a professional and informative presentation. Create a funeral brochure quickly and easily with our ready-made template you can download. Choose the appropriate size for your funeral brochure template based on your paper preferences, whether legal or tabloid.

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    Funeral Brochures

    Funeral brochures are trifold presentations and come in either legal or tabloid size. Experience the elegance of our trifold funeral brochures, carefully crafted to perfection in either legal or tabloid size. Our funeral brochures template can help you get started. Our funeral brochures are designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a presentation that exudes sophistication and professionalism.

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    Funeral Brochures

    In times of loss, funeral brochures serve as poignant keepsakes, honoring the departed and providing solace to grieving hearts. These compact documents encapsulate the essence of a person's life, offering a tangible memento for attendees. The delicate design and heartfelt messages within these brochures convey a sense of respect and remembrance for the departed loved one.

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    DIY Funeral Brochure

    In the funeral brochure, you can outline the sequence of events during the ceremony. The funeral brochure provides a detailed outline of the sequence of events that will take place during the ceremony. Use a funeral brochure template to get started! The ceremony outline included in the funeral brochure ensures all aspects of the event are carefully planned and executed. Utilizing a funeral brochure template simplifies the process of creating a comprehensive sequence of events.

  • DIY Funeral Brochure

    A DIY funeral brochure enables you to enter all the information and photos directly into our ready-made template file. Easily customize our ready-made funeral brochure template with your own information and photos. The user-friendly design of our ready-made funeral brochure template allows for easy customization with your personal information and photos.

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    Funeral Brochures Template

    Don't create it from scratch! Using our funeral brochures templates is a short-cut to creating a beautiful printed memorial for a loved one's funeral or memorial service. Start and order yours today! Take advantage of our ready-to-use funeral brochure templates to easily craft a beautiful printed memorial for a loved one's funeral or memorial service.

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    Funeral Brochures

    Choose from our large selection of funeral brochures themes. Don't see one you like? Ask us! We are happy to create custom funeral brochures backgrounds tailored especially for any loved one's personality and style! Download yours today. Browse through our extensive collection of funeral brochure themes. If you can't find one that suits your preferences, feel free to reach out to us. We specialize in creating custom funeral brochure backgrounds tailored to honor your loved one's unique personality and style. Get started today.

Funeral Brochures

Funeral brochures have a significant role in memorial services, serving as tangible reminders that honor and celebrate the life of a departed loved one. These small booklets provide attendees with a structured overview of the memorial program, including details about the order of service, speakers, music, and other important elements. The design of funeral brochures is often a thoughtful process, with careful consideration given to the visual aesthetics and content. Many people choose a design that reflects the personality and interests of the departed, creating a unique and personalized tribute. These brochures typically include photographs, quotes, and brief biographies to capture the essence of the individual being remembered. Beyond their aesthetic significance, funeral brochures also serve practical purposes. They guide attendees through the memorial service, ensuring that everyone is aware of the schedule and sequence of events. This structured approach adds organization to the service, making it easier for mourners to navigate the ceremony. In addition to outlining the order of service, funeral brochures often include information about the speakers, readings, and musical selections. This provides attendees with insights into the program, fostering a deeper connection to the shared experience of commemorating a life. Hymn lyrics, prayers, or poems may also be included to enhance the emotional resonance of the service, providing attendees with a tangible keepsake to cherish. The compact size of funeral brochures makes them convenient for distribution and storage. Attendees can easily carry them home as a lasting reminder of the memorial service, creating a cherished keepsake that can be revisited in moments of reflection. Family and friends often find comfort in flipping through the pages, reminiscing about the life that was celebrated and the shared moments of grief and remembrance. In an era dominated by digital communication, funeral brochures maintain a tangible and timeless quality. While digital alternatives exist, the physicality of a brochure provides a tangible connection to the memorial service and the person being honored. It serves as a meaningful artifact, capturing the spirit of the occasion and preserving the memory of the departed in a way that transcends the digital realm. In conclusion, funeral brochures are more than informational documents; they are poignant tributes that encapsulate the essence of a memorial service. Through thoughtful design, personalization, and the inclusion of essential details, these booklets become keepsakes that offer comfort and solace to those who gather to honor and remember a cherished life. The enduring nature of funeral brochures ensures that the memory of a loved one is preserved, providing a tangible connection to the shared experience of commemorating a life well-lived.

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Funeral Brochures FAQs

What size is a funeral brochure?

When it comes to funeral programs, the average size is commonly 8.5 by 11 inches or the size of a folded letter paper. However, each layout option offers its own distinct assembled dimensions.

What words to use in funeral brochure?

Title eg. An Honoring of the Life of a Singular Person. In Loving Memory of a Special Individual. Remembrance of a Unique Individual. A Distinctive Individual, Always in our Hearts. Aspirations and Dreams...interrupted. Photo. Date of Birth – Date of Death. Place, date and time of the Funeral or Memorial Service.

How do you make a funeral brochure?

A standard funeral program usually consists of a cover photo with background graphics, followed by an obituary. The program then includes the funeral order of service which encompasses music, prayers, readings, eulogy, final viewing, benediction, recessional, and interment or committal location. Additionally, poems or scriptures are included along with memorial photo collages and clip art.

What is the brochure at a funeral called?

A few terms you might come across include funeral bulletin, order of service program, funeral pamphlet, or obituary program. Despite the different names, the purpose remains consistent. Funeral programs are printed mementos that showcase a loved one's life through informative content and photos.

What is the difference between a funeral brochure and trifold?

A funeral brochure and a trifold are one in the same. A brochure is a 3 sided program that is folded in thirds. A trifold is a funeral brochure. The "tri" meaning 3 folds. These names are interchangeable depending on the area or part of the U.S. you are from.

Dusk TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

Featured Funeral Brochures

A lovely outdoor or waterscape funeral brochures design with tranquil still waters. Craft an elegant and informative funeral brochure design that reflects the beauty of outdoor settings and tranquil still waters. Design a brochure that conveys a sense of tranquility with its outdoor and waterscape theme, reflecting peaceful and serene settings.

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Funeral Brochure Example

Our funeral brochure examples are created with our done for you service or from our DIY funeral brochures collection. See our versatile our funeral brochure designs can be. Our funeral brochure examples showcase the quality and variety of designs available through our done for you service and DIY funeral brochures collection. Discover how our funeral brochure examples, created with our done for you service or from our DIY funeral brochures collection, exemplify the versatility of our designs. Explore the intricate details of our funeral brochure examples, meticulously crafted with our professional design service or from our DIY funeral brochures selection.

  • Embassy TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    Funeral brochure set in a faith based theme and available for download, ready for you to enter your own information and photos. Customize the brochure with ease by adding your personal details and images to create a meaningful tribute.

  • Austere Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    A lovely funeral brochure template set with an outdoor and floral theme. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with this funeral brochure template set, exuding a calming floral theme.

  • Candlelight Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    A candlelight themed funeral brochure background creates a peaceful setting. The candlelight theme creates a somber yet comforting ambiance for the brochure.

  • Blossom Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    A funeral brochure typically include essential details about the memorial service, such as the order of events, hymns, readings, and information about the deceased. Include a section on the location and time of the service, along with any important contact information for attendees.

  • Beads Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    The Funeral Program Site offers the relevance of a funeral brochure and support you in crafting a meaningful and unique tribute through a funeral brochure template. Discover how a funeral brochure template can help you create a personalized tribute.

  • Coral Trifold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    Encountering the passing of a loved one is emotionally taxing, and arranging a funeral can feel like a substantial responsibility. Funeral brochures act as a source of comfort and enlightenment for family and friends, presenting a concrete remembrance of the departed individual and specifics about the memorial ceremony.

  • Chef TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    Create your own funeral brochures with our ready-made funeral brochure templates. Craft personalized funeral brochures with ease using our selection of ready-to-use templates. Easily design custom funeral brochures using our professionally crafted templates. Personalize your brochures with our easy-to-use design options.

  • Footprints TriFold Funeral Brochure Template.

    Funeral Brochure

    By utilizing a funeral brochure template, grieving families can save time and effort while still crafting a polished and professional-looking document that honors the memory of their loved one. With a funeral brochure template, families have the flexibility to tailor the content and design to suit their specific needs and preferences.

  • Funeral Brochure

    A funeral brochure template serves as a valuable starting point for creating a personalized and meaningful tribute to a departed loved one. These templates often come pre-designed with placeholder text and images, providing a framework that can be easily customized to reflect the unique qualities and preferences of the deceased.

Funeral Brochure Example

DIY funeral brochure templates

Our funeral brochures are personalized to perfection whether you choose to do-it-yourself using our funeral brochure templates or our complete done for you funeral brochure service. Our funeral brochures are designed with attention to detail, ensuring a personalized touch whether you opt for our DIY templates or our full-service brochure creation. Our funeral brochures are meticulously crafted to embody a personalized touch, whether you decide to utilize our user-friendly funeral brochure templates or take advantage of our premium full-service option.

Funeral Brochure Design

In the solemn moments of bidding farewell to a loved one, funeral brochures serve as more than mere pieces of paper. They are visual tributes, encapsulating the essence of a life lived and offering solace to grieving hearts. The design of these brochures holds profound significance, as they become tangible tokens of remembrance for those left behind. In this article, we explore the art of funeral brochure designs and the impact they have on the grieving process.

Reflecting the Essence of a Life

Every individual leaves behind a unique legacy, shaped by their experiences, passions, and relationships. Funeral brochure designs have the power to reflect this essence, capturing the spirit of the departed through carefully curated imagery, colors, and typography. Whether adorned with serene landscapes, cherished photographs, or meaningful symbols, each element of the design contributes to a visual narrative of remembrance.

Creating a Sense of Serenity

In times of loss, emotions run high, and tranquility can feel elusive. Funeral brochure designs offer a sense of solace amidst the storm, providing a visual anchor of peace and serenity. Soft hues, gentle fonts, and minimalist layouts evoke a sense of calm, guiding mourners through the process of grief with grace and dignity.

Practicality Meets Poignancy

While funeral brochures serve as emotional keepsakes, they also fulfill a practical purpose by providing essential information to attendees. From details about the order of service to hymn lyrics and readings, these brochures offer guidance and clarity amidst the chaos of grief. By seamlessly blending practicality with poignancy, designers ensure that every aspect of the brochure serves a meaningful purpose.

Celebrating a Life Well Lived

Funeral brochures are not merely somber reminders of loss; they are celebrations of lives well lived. Through thoughtful design choices, designers infuse these brochures with warmth, joy, and gratitude, honoring the legacy of the departed with every stroke of the pen and pixel. Each brochure becomes a testament to a life that touched hearts, inspired minds, and left an indelible mark on the world.

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Innovation

While funeral brochure designs are steeped in tradition, they also embrace innovation, adapting to the changing needs and preferences of mourners. From classic designs that evoke timeless elegance to modern layouts that reflect contemporary sensibilities, there is a wealth of creative possibilities to explore. By blending tradition with innovation, designers ensure that funeral brochures remain relevant and meaningful in an ever-evolving world.

A Lasting Legacy

In the tender moments of grief, funeral brochures offer solace, comfort, and connection. They are tangible reminders of cherished memories, guiding mourners through the darkness with the light of remembrance. As we honor the lives of those we've lost, let us remember the profound impact of thoughtful design, for in the pages of these brochures, we find not only solace but also the enduring legacy of love.

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