Custom Funeral Programs Let Us Do The Work For You!
A Custom Funeral Program Design
custom funeral programs
custom funeral programs
custom funeral programs
Custom funeral programs are designed and tailored especially for a loved one. The specific elements incorporated into the printed memorial may be a favorite color, special background of a favorite place, icon of a club they belonged to or their career in life. It is an extension of their personality as well as the beautiful typesetting of words and life photos included. A custom funeral program can contain any design or element that is reminiscent of a loved one's memory.

The Funeral Program Site offers a special service that puts our designer to work to help you create a truly professional, custom, and lovely funeral program. Our service provides assistance during your time of need and produces a funeral program which honors your loved one's memory. If your short on time or need the help of our design team, we offer fast and amazing custom funeral program services! We will put together the entire program for you and you can print it locally or we can do the printing for you. You always have options here at The Funeral Program Site.
Help Is Here! We Do The Work So You Don't Have To.
Our custom funeral program service is designed to assist you during your time of need. We completely typeset your entire program for you and insert all of your photos, resulting in a professional presentation. A perfect option if you are short on time or need to tend to other details of the funeral service. We're here to help in as much or as little as you need us!  First choose a design and layout from our DIY templates category you would like for your funeral program. Then call or order it with the customization service, we will get to work as soon as we receive your order.
Here's what's included with our professional typesetting service:
• We enhance any or all of your photos that are too dark or light
• All your information entered and professionally typeset into any of our template designs and
  layout of your choice
• You never knew text can look so good!
• We will color correct any photos that are unnatural in appearance
• We can create photo collages, if desired
• We can create a transparent photo backdrop, if desired
• Add additional pages, as required
• Completed program is sent to you in a print-ready document
• Fast, efficient service, hassle free and takes a load off your already full plate
• 3 PDF Proofs With Instant Revisions

Creating custom funeral programs is our specialty. So we are able to create your program fast with a first proof delivered to your email within a few short hours! Just because we do it fast, doesn't mean its not quality. On the contrary, each and program is completed with unique results and one that will best highlight your loved one's life. Just ADD CUSTOMIZATION to any of your template orders and begin emailing your text information and photo(s) to us and we'll take care of the rest. No need to format it, send it to us in the body of an email or a separate document and we'll format it in an attractive and lovely creation.  Call 1-800-773-9026 to speak with a live specialist or order online. This service is available Monday thru Friday only; excluding Holidays and Weekends.
What We Don't Do (Please Note)

This service strictly creates a professional layout. We do not review text, make recommendations on the text you submit or proof-read your text. It is your responsibility to write, submit and review all content and photos in the proof. Our designers design. We do not read your information word for word, we are not proof-readers, grammatical reviewers, or writers. We will "pretty up" your content and photos but we do not provide content or wording corrections. All text must be submitted in a typed format so we can easily copy it into our new formatting. Below are just some examples of our funeral program designs we've done for families just like you. We can also totally create a custom front design for you so that it is an extension of your loved one's personality. Funeral Booklets, Funeral Pamphlets, Funeral Brochures, Custom Funeral Programs and more!

Here's a peek of just some of the CUSTOM FUNERAL PROGRAMS we've created for families and funeral homes: