Memorial Candles

Memorial Candles Lighted In Loving Memory candles are lighted in loving memory of at a funeral ceremony, memorial service, death anniversary or anytime of the year that the family may want to make as a special remembrance. A memorial candle can be personalized with specific names, dates and even a photograph as a special token or keepsake honoring a memory. You can find memorial candles in wax, LED or glass styles in varying sizes.

Nobody does candles like we do. Our special technique for printing directly onto our candles is a guarded secret because of the amazing results it produces. You will never find a label on our wax or glass candles, your special text and photo is imprinted right onto the surface! A truly beautiful selection of memorial and in loving memory candles with a personalized photo perfect for display at the memorial service or as a post service keepsake. Available in a variety of styles and designs exclusively created by The Funeral Program Site for a long lasting keepsake that can be passed through generations.