The Difference Between A Funeral Obituary and Eulogy

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site Questions and Answers video series. Today's topic is the difference between a funeral program eulogy and an obituary. Since both are written following a passing or death, it is understandable that many people are unsure about the distinction between the two. However, there are several noteworthy differences that should be noted.

An obituary is essentially a concise life biography that is written by a family member. It is typically published in a newspaper or included within funeral programs to announce the person's death. It can also serve to inform the community about any public funeral or memorial service and highlight significant moments from the person's life. In essence, an obituary can be seen as a summarized life biography that captures major milestones or highlights.

On the other hand, a eulogy is a written speech that is delivered during a funeral service. Eulogies are usually longer and more personal compared to obituaries, as their purpose is to share memories of the loved one that other family members and friends at the service can relate to. The eulogy is not written verbatim within the funeral program or printed memorial, but rather presented by a family member, close friend, clergy, or officiant.

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