Difference Between Coffin and Casket

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Although both coffins and caskets are burial vessels, they are not the same. Each term represents a distinct type of container, and there are notable differences between the two. The primary distinction lies in their design. Coffins have a tapered shape at the head and foot, with a wider width at the shoulders. On the other hand, caskets are rectangular and typically constructed with higher-quality timbers, showcasing superior craftsmanship. You can match the color with the theme within a funeral program or service.

Both coffins and caskets fulfill the purpose of holding the body of the deceased during funeral services and burial. While funeral homes may offer both options, the majority of families nowadays prefer caskets. The term "casket" is often considered more suitable for honoring the deceased in American culture. It is worth noting that burial laws may vary by state, but most jurisdictions require the use of a casket for interment.

Caskets are special boxes designed to hold the remains of the departed. They have a rectangular shape with four sides, and rails are attached for carrying purposes. The material used for constructing caskets is typically wood or metal. Once constructed, caskets are lined with cloth to provide a peaceful resting place for the deceased.

In contrast, coffins have six sides and their top is wider than the bottom to conform to the shape of a human body. Coffins also feature a removable lid, while caskets have hinged lids. Coffins are primarily made of wood and have cloth interiors.

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