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To create a personalized tribute, include special photos in funeral programs and keepsakes. Find the right funeral pictures to design cherished mementos for your loved one. Don't forget to check out our article on funeral picture display ideas and how to display funeral photos.

Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing photographs that best celebrate your loved one’s life:

Here are some guidelines to consider when selecting photographs for your funeral program that will best commemorate the life of your loved one:

  • Tip: Instead of simply including posed portraits, try to find a photo that captures the special sparkle Uncle Joe brought to family occasions, highlighting his playful nature.
  • Gather photographs from various sources. Our lives are comprised of different seasons, and photographs from the individuals who shared those moments with us provide a more comprehensive picture. For instance, your mother's close friends may possess photos of her during her college years, while her siblings may have snapshots from her childhood.
  • Tip: To honor your loved one's entire life, endeavor to obtain photo memories from multiple sources. Request friends and family members to search their photo albums, digital files, and social media archives for any special photographs of the deceased.
  • Consider the passions and hobbies. Hobbies and interests play a significant role in defining a person, and incorporating photos of your loved one engaged in their pursuits will add depth to the funeral booklet. Did they enjoy teaching Sunday School, flying radio controlled planes, or participating in marathons? Reflecting on how they spent their time beyond work and raising a family will help determine which additional photos to include in the funeral keepsakes.
  • Tip: If the individual being honored was a member of hobby groups, clubs, or charitable organizations, reach out to other members to inquire if they possess any individual photos from special events, as these tend to be more fitting.
  • Consider creating a photo collage. With the wide array of funeral program templates available, you have the opportunity to create a collage within the funeral booklet if you have an abundance of high-quality images that encapsulate the life of your loved one. 

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