How To Replace and Install A Casket Panel Insert

At the Funeral Program Site, we offer the option of a custom casket panel insert. This exquisite choice allows you to add a touch of color to the traditionally white interior of the casket. Our meticulously designed panels ensure a seamless and effortless replacement of the plain panel.

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The standard casket already includes a plain panel insert, which can be easily replaced with a custom panel. Our custom panel inserts are made to order and can be provided in standard sizes or cut to specific dimensions. The process of replacing and adding our colorful panel is straightforward, as it does not require the removal of the original panel. Simply place the new panel over the original and gently press it into the indented area. With correct dimensions, it should fit securely without the need for glue or special tools.

Our custom panels are designed for easy installation by either a family member or the funeral home. After the service, they can be easily removed and kept as a memorial keepsake or left within the casket. If you are unsure about how to measure a casket panel, please click on the link above to watch our instructional video and place your order today.

Thank you for watching and staying with us for another informative video series. We look forward to bringing you more funeral-related videos in the future, exclusively at the Funeral Program Site.

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