How To Make A Funeral Program From Scratch

Funeral programs allow you to pay tribute to your loved one's memory while providing important details about the service. These printed documents outline the events of the funeral or memorial service and commemorate the life and achievements of the deceased.

Funeral programs can be electronically distributed via email and posted on social media and memorial websites. Many opt to create their own funeral programs using word processing software and a printer. Follow these instructions to create a custom funeral program.

Choose the software program you will utilize. Numerous individuals already have Microsoft Word installed on their computer and are acquainted with its functionality. Various funeral program templates are compatible with Microsoft Word. Using Microsoft Word (MS Word) as a word processor may not be as simple as using a desktop publishing program like Microsoft Publisher or a graphics program like Photoshop Elements for placing pictures. If you're uncertain about which funeral program to choose, opt for the one you're most comfortable with to save time and avoid frustration.

Making a funeral program using a MAC is simple.  Apple Mac computers come with a variety of software that can help you create a funeral program or use a funeral program template.  Apple Pages is a robust, but easy to use Word Processing/Desktop Publishing program that can be used to design your funeral or memorial program or booklet.  You can also use Microsoft Word for MAC. 

Using a funeral program template can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for preparation. There is a wide selection of templates available, offering various styles, themes, layouts, and paper sizes. Pricing for these templates may vary, with some even being offered for free. Microsoft Word template library provides free editable funeral program templates, and there are also other funeral programs software options such as MS Word, MS Publisher, MAC Pages, and OpenOffice.

These software programs allow for easy editing of templates. It is advisable to choose a template or create a layout in a software application that you are already familiar with, as learning a new software program can be time-consuming and stressful, particularly during this busy period. If you prefer not to use a funeral program template, designing your own can be an option, although it will require a significant amount of additional time. Designing your own funeral program templates may necessitate the use of more advanced software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Illustrator. Additionally, you may need to purchase stock photography, graphics, and clipart from other websites. 

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