What Is A Funeral Repast?

Welcome to the Funeral Program Site. This video provides a brief overview of a funeral program repast. A repast is a gathering or reception held after a funeral or memorial service. Repasts are typically less formal than the service and are open to everyone who attended. However, they can also be private, depending on the family's preference.


The purpose of a repast is to celebrate a life together and provide support from family and friends. The location and time of the funeral program repast can be noted within the funeral program to inform all attendees. The word "repast" originates from Latin and means to eat. Today, it is a common tradition to have a meal after a funeral programs service, where family and friends gather together.

Repasts are often hosted in reception halls, such as funeral homes, churches, community centers, or restaurants. The type of food offered at the repast can vary, ranging from light snacks or hors d'oeuvres to full lunch or dinner courses. This, of course, depends on the family's preferences. The repast also provides an opportunity for attendees to offer condolences to the immediate family. It is often held close to where the funeral service took place and usually begins immediately following the service.

Private repasts are typically held in a family member's home and are limited to immediate friends and family. They may include activities such as sharing memories, playing the deceased's favorite music, or showing a tribute video, depending on beliefs, culture, or religion.

The cost of the funeral programs repast will vary based on several factors and can be customized by the family according to their budget. Thank you for watching. We hope that this video has provided you with insight and clarification on a funeral repast. For more available resources, please visit the Funeral Program Site at funeralprogramsite.com for more funeral program templates!

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