What Is The Inside of a Casket Called?

Welcome to another installment of our Questions and Answers video series, brought to you by the funeral program Site. We are home of the largest selection of funeral program designs and keepsakes. Today's question is: what is the inside of a casted panel called? Before we delve into the topic, we kindly request you to take a moment to like and subscribe to our channel. Your support enables us to continue creating useful and helpful content to assist you during a time of loss.

The casket panel, used for traditional ground burial, serves as the container in which the deceased is placed. It can be crafted from wood, metal, or aluminum. Within the casket panel, we refer to the interior as the head or cap panel insert. Typically, this insert is made of cloth material, commonly found in white or beige. It is available in both half and full-size options.

The plain head panel insert is commonly found within the casket. However, many families choose to personalize it by adding embroidery, a landscape design, or a photo of their loved one. This customization adds color and personalization to the inner part of the casket lid. If desired, the plain insert can be easily removed by either the funeral director or a family member, and replaced with a custom-made panel insert featuring colorful artwork.

Before ordering a custom panel insert, it is crucial to provide accurate dimensions to ensure a perfect fit when replacing the insert. It is recommended to seek assistance from the funeral home or casket manufacturer if you are unsure of how to take these measurements. Alternatively, you can watch our instructional video above, which provides guidance on how to measure for the inside of a casket panel for a custom insert.

The accompanying photo serves as an example of a custom panel insert placed within a casket. This addition adds color and further enhances the beauty of a loved one's final resting place. The funeral program Site takes pride in being the largest manufacturer of custom casket panel inserts, catering to every brand and size. Simply specify your desired size, and we will ensure it arrives in time for your service. Explore our collection today, exclusively available at our funeral program superstore of products, thefuneralprogramsite.com


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