Custom Funeral Programs

Custom Funeral Programs Are Personalized Printed Memorials

custom.funeral.programs.pngCustom funeral programs are printed memorials that are tailored especially for your loved one's personality. It can consists of a special photograph set as the background that was particularly special or meaningful. It can also be a type of theme that is an extension of your loved one's personality. A custom funeral program means that plays a part in who they were or what they enjoyed in life. Having a custom funeral program created makes the program special because it not only provides significant information of their life but also creates a personalized backdrop.

We offer ready-made in stock template designs as well as custom funeral programs with beautifully designed backgrounds. We offer hundreds of template designs but if by chance you do not see anything that meets your needs, we can create a custom presentation just for you! All our custom cover designs remove the background of your submitted photo(s) and seamlessly merge them into our lovely background of your choice. The end result is a newly created photo perfect in presentation and suitable for framing.

We strive to provide you with products that will represent your loved one and honor their memory and legacy. We offer custom services to make that happen for the family if that is your desire. Below are a list of custom services for the programs we offer to make the final celebration of life program handout a wonderful keepsake.