Gatefold Programs

Unique Gatefold Program Design Templates

Gatefold funeral programs are a unique printed memorial by the way it is presented as folded. The two ends fold into the center with this presentation so that it simulates a gate when opened. It is a great alternative to the traditional bifold or trifold funeral brochure and is available in a legal and tabloid size paper. It can be found in a variety of backgrounds and is not a difficult program to create when utilizing a gatefold funeral program template such as ones found at The Funeral Program Site.

The Funeral Program Site is proud to present our ready-made, printable DIY gatefold programs created within our template layouts which provide a unique presentation. A perfect solution for those seeking to do it yourself. The folds of a gatefold feature two front panels that open as a gate to reveal the content on the inside of the program. Our gatefold programs are available to print in medium legal size paper and large tabloid sizes. Select the size that will best accommodate your photos and text. Adding pages to this format is not recommended, it is suggested you use the larger size for a program with more room.

Don't want to do it yourself? Try our professional gatefold programs printing service with all-inclusive pricing for design and printing your next memorial.