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Cancer ribbons are worn in the signature criss cross presentation on a mens and women's lapel to support and raise awareness to specific diseases. The cancer ribbons are also worn at the funeral or memorial service especially if the death was a result of a specific disease or cancer. A great accent for a loved one's memorial service or anytime you want to raise awareness for the cause that afflicted them, believed in or were involved with. Awareness ribbons come in every color!


Personalized Awareness and Cancer Ribbons - Memorial, Funerals or Anytime 

The Funeral Program Site specializes in the creation of memorial ribbons offered in every cause and color. We offer the best ribbon imprinting because we create our own designs! From our line of personalized in loving memory apparel collection of personalized double-faced satin awareness ribbons raise awareness for a worthy cause, cancer, organizations, or diseases. You can also choose to create your own ribbon for your personalized cause or memory.

Choose from our perfect designs ribbon for a truly custom keepsake for the family or to distribute to your guests. Price includes your 3 lines of personalization (mini ribbon offers 2 lines) for package of 10.

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24 of 43 Items