Funeral Program Titles

Funeral Program Titles Word Art Adds Instant Elegance

Funeral program titles are used to set the theme of your service or ceremony.  "In Loving Memory of" or "A Celebration of Life" are just a few examples of the more popular titles you may see on a front cover of a funeral program. You will typically find these titles on the front cover of a printed memorial. They can be as fancy as created as a word art or as simple as writing it in a text box, depending on the style you prefer. 

The Funeral Program Site creates funeral program titles in a beautiful array of scripts and designs! Creating titles is not as easy as it looks! In order to produce a professional title, you must use the right combination of fonts and place them perfectly together. Select from our beautiful selection of elegant funeral program titles with transparent background so you can place them on top of any color or image. Adds instant elegance or place anywhere within the program pages. Copyright symbol removed at download. High quality vector image, sizable and movable as desired. We offer a personal and commercial use license.

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Remembering Your Life Program Title


A professionally designed, scripted word art title "Remembering Your Life" presented here will add elegance to the front cover on any of our templates or one you created on your own. Title has a transparent background so you can place this on top of...